Trapper John’s Named 4th Greatest Drinking Establishment IN THE WORLD

According to Readers Digest, Trapper John’s Museum N’ Pub has been ranked as the 4th greatest drinking establishment in the World!

If you’re looking for a true Newfoundland experience, stop by Trapper John’s and get “screeched in.” The traditional ceremony is performed to welcome visitors to the province and involves drinking a shot of Newfoundland Screech Rum and kissing a cod on the mouth. More than 100,000 people have been screeched in at Trapper John’s, including the band Down With Webster. As part of your $12 Screech-In package, you’ll get a shot of Screech, a commemorative shot glass and a certificate welcoming you to “Royal Order of Screechers.” No doubt you’ll also walk away with some hair on your chest – Screech is notoriously strong stuff.

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