Frequently Asked Questions

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Which festivals take place on George Street throughout the year?

There are three (3) primary festivals which happen annually:

Canada’s BIG Birthday Bash (Jun 30–Jul 2, 2016)
George Street Festival (Jul 28–Aug 3, 2016)
George Street Mardi Gras (Oct 31, 2016)

In addition, there are sometimes other special events that might include performances on the main stage in Prince Edward Plaza. Please follow George Street on Facebook and Twitter for info/updates.


What are the dates of the George Street Festival?

The George Street Festival takes place annually on the six (6) or seven (7) nights preceding the Royal St. John’s Regatta, which is a civic holiday in St. John’s that occurs on the first Wednesday in August.  The upcoming George Street Festival is scheduled for July 28 – Aug 3, 2016 (7 nights again this year!). For schedule & tickets, click here.


How long has the George Street Festival been occurring?

Started in 1984, 2016 marks the 32nd Annual George Street Festival.


How can I get my band to play during a Festival on George Street?

The George Street Association receives applications from hundreds of bands across Canada to play at our Festivals and unfortunately we cannot accommodate all the requests. The George Street Association Entertainment Committee reviews all submissions and attempts to strike a balance between local bands and those from outside the Province. If you would like to enter our database and apply for a gig on George Street, please email: info@georgestreetlive.ca.


How come I am unable to re-enter George Street if I happen to leave during a Festival?

Due to event capacity restrictions imposed by the City of St. John’s Special Events Advisory Committee (SEAC) and the St. John’s Regional Fire Department, strict control must be kept regarding the actual number of patrons on George Street at any one time. With multiple entrances and exits to George Street, maintaining the street as a concert venue is a complex process and requires that Security implement a no re-entry policy. Once you leave George Street after 6:00pm, you must pay to get back on – no exceptions.


Who should I contact to organize a Pub Crawl on George Street for my office/reunion/stag/wedding party/colleagues?

The George Street Association does not currently organize pub crawls. To do so, you must contact individual pubs/bars (www.georgestreetlive.ca/bars/) directly to coordinate.


I would like to rent the stage in Prince Edward Plaza on George Street, who should I contact?

The stage is owned and managed by the City of St. John’s who coordinates all usages. Please contact *311 to inquire.


My ID was confiscated by security during a Festival on George Street, how can I get it back?

All confiscated IDs are returned to the George Street Association for a period of one (1) week following the Festival and will be destroyed after that time period has elapsed.


I lost an item during a Festival, is there anybody I contact to determine if it has been found?

There are hundreds of items that are and stored at the George Street office for a period of one (1) month after each Festival. You can email a request to info@georgestreetlive.ca to inquire if it has been found and turned in to storage. If your item was lost within a specific club or bar, please contact that establishment directly (www.georgestreetlive.ca/bars/).


Are there specific wheelchair viewing areas on George Street during each Festival?

There is a designated wheelchair viewing area accessible from Duckworth Street. Patrons (and their handlers) can be directed to this area by security staff at each of the entry gates.


I would like to volunteer during the Festival, who should I contact?

For volunteer opportunities, please send an email to info@georgestreetlive.ca


I’m interested in working security during the George Street Festival. Who should I contact?

Security Solutions NL (www.securitysolutionsnl.com) provides security for all Festivities on George Street. They can be reached via email at securitysolutionsnl@outlook.com.


Where can I purchase advance tickets online for a concert on George Street?

You can order your tickets online at www.georgestreetlive.ca/tickets/buy-tickets-online/ for instant email delivery using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or INTERAC Online.


Where can I purchase advance tickets locally for a concert on George Street?

Please click here for information.

How much does it cost to enter George Street after 11:00pm each night?

Following each nightly concert at 11:00pm, the cost of admission is $20 which enables you to enter any George Street establishment without paying a cover charge. The majority of bars and pubs will have entertainment playing in their establishments throughout the evening until close. These tickets are available either in advance (order online) or at the gates. ID for 19+ will be required.

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